Are eyelash extensions safe?

Yes, when applied by a trained professional.

Take care before choosing your technician to avoid causing any damage to your eyelashes. It is important to match the extensions with the length, curl and thickness of your own lashes. We only apply extensions that are suitable for your lash type, so they won't weigh down or interfere with the growth of your natural lashes. As long as the eyelash extensions are isolated and applied individually, they will remain just as healthy and strong as before. We use quality products that comply with Cosmetic Safety Regulations and standards. The glue does not touch your skin so potential sensitivity and irritation is avoided. Your eyes are closed throughout the whole procedure making the treatment process safe and relaxing.

During the Coronavirus pandemic we have completed an extensive health and safety risk assessment, implemented new hygiene measures to protect staff and clients, and made some important changes in line with government safety guidelines and best practice recommendations. 

What are Russian volume and hybrid lashes?

These treatments add more fullness than the classic one on one application technique. Volume lashes are multiple ultra-light extensions that are fanned out to create maximum fullness. Hybrid volume sets use a combination of classic individual one on one lash extensions mixed with volume fans of different lengths and thicknesses, which are usually between 2D-9D.  Mega volume or Russian volume sets give maximum fullness using thicker fans, which are usually between 5D-20D.

Hybrid and volume lash sets effectively disguise gaps in the natural eyelashes and are used to give a soft feathering finish. 
The chosen ratio varies depending on the clients natural eyelashes and the desired result. We can advise what shape and style will suit best.  This treatment takes 2 hours and is recommended if your natural eyelashes are sparse or you prefer extra volume for a more glamorous dramatic effect. It requires a higher skill level from the lash technician which is reflected in the cost of the treatment.

West London Lashes eyelash growth cycle

How long will the eyelash extensions last once applied? 

How often will I need refills?

In general you can expect a full set of lash extensions to last 4-6 weeks. However, please remember this is dependent on the growth pattern of each individual’s natural lashes and how well the lashes are cared for. 

Your natural lashes are constantly growing and falling out. The extensions will usually last the life cycle of the lash its attached to, and shed with it as the eyelashes fall out naturally. Please see lash growth cycle imageMost people lose an average of 2-4 lashes each day, so top ups are needed to keep the lashes looking full.  It is completely up to you if and when you choose to replace the lash extensions, but to maintain a full luscious look infills are usually required  every 3 weeks

West London Lashes eyelash shedding info

Are eyelash extensions suitable for anyone?

Almost everyone is able to enjoy eyelash extensions. We use the most advanced EU regulated medical grade adhesives, and can offer our clients different brands to choose from. Even people with allergies or hay fever find the glue does not affect them. We use high performing glues, and less than 1% of our clients have had a reaction after treatment.

We recommend a sensitivity test is carried to determine the most suitable product for each individual. It's important to choose a certified experienced technician that uses quality products. West London Lashes are experts in the field. We offer 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.  


How many lashes are applied during the treatment?

The exact amount of lashes varies according to each individual's lash type. We will always apply as many eyelash extensions as possible within the treatment time available. We recommend a volume set for maximum fullness. You can choose the shape and style, if you prefer a natural look or a more glamorous dramatic effect. 

What can I expect from the treatment?

Is it uncomfortable to have the lash extensions applied?

Not at all. You will be reclined with your eyes closed while the extensions are applied individually to your eyelashes. The surrounding eye area is well protected with rejuvenating collagen gel patches placed on your bottom lashes.  The application takes time, on average about 2 hours, but it is a relaxing treatment. Many of our clients fall asleep during the procedure.

Can I use eye make-up and mascara?

Yes, eye make-up can be worn as normal but avoid using any oil based products as these loosen the bonding glue.  We recommend you do not use waterproof mascara creams or removers which contain oil as these will weaken the bond, causing the extensions to loosen and fall off prematurely. Be gentle and take care not to pull your eyelash extensions when washing and cleansing the face.

Can the lashes be removed?

The removal process is easy, but should only be undertaken by a trained professional. There is a special solution we use to remove the lashes with ease and without damaging the natural lash.  You should never attempt to remove lash extensions by yourself, or with any product.

Can I wear contact lense?

Yes. As a precaution, we recommend contact lenses are removed for the application procedure. Contact lenses can be worn directly after treatment and throughout the the life of your eye lash extensions.

Can I curl, perm or tint eyelash extensions?

No, if you want to maintain your eyelash extensions in good condition please avoid curling, perming and tinting your lashes as this will disturb the adhesive. These are not generally needed as the lashes we apply will give you the desired curl effect and enhance your eye shape.

Individual eyelash extensions Ealing W5

What’s the difference between individual eyelash extensions and other false lashes?

  • The lashes are applied one by one using a safe adhesive glue that does not touch the skin.
  • The extensions are soft and weightless so they look and feel completely natural.


The growing popularity of false eyelashes has meant there are many places offering what appear to be similar treatments to varying standards.  We have performed many emergency removals of bad lashes and successfully repaired the poor application of extensions.

The look and feel of false cluster lashes is completely different to individual eyelash extensions - the treatment process is quicker, but the products used are generally of poor quality. The glues used tend to be uncomfortable due to its hardness touching the skin, they only last 3-7 days and often damage the natural lashes badly. The lashes used are thicker and are  placed on more than one lash at a time.  The treatment time is much quicker (about 20-30mins) but because they are not individually applied they will start pulling on your natural lashes after a few days, so they need to be removed before they damage your natural lashes. 

False eyelash strips are easily self-applied onto your upper eyelid close to the lash line. They are temporary for one night, often feel heavy and sometimes fall off while wearing. They do not usually cause any damage but many people with sensitive skin react to the glue provided. 

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